What happened in Chicago's South Zone with three guys ?

 In Chicago - During the shooting of on the South Side, a terrible accident happened to three people. Out on which one person has died and both of them are seriously injured in this incident. It should be noted, that this accident happened at sharp 2:45 in the afternoon. Two gunmen were taking their guns from here. And at the same time, they started firing guns. In this accident, one shooter or all the shooters was dropped towards the south zone. One of those three people was 18-year-old Trayvon Bullard, the other was Your Knob Grover, 19, and the third was 18-year-old Roy AI Smith.

In this news, we are telling you about these people who were killed on the drive after shooting these three people. The police here say that in this terrible accident, these people lost their lives till late last night. Police say the shooter, along with the fourth survivor, chased these people from a restaurant along with St. John's Town Center to Parkway Center. Then openly he spoke this thing on this incident of Sheriff Mike William. He belongs to the shooting gang. These incidents are not an accident. Obviously again you all know about it encouraging young people to do the right thing. You are also aware that all the people around you are right. This incident is a tragedy about which we are telling you through this news.

Behind the town, the center parkway is pretty much back to normal stark as compared to the last night around this time.  When this entire area was completely shocked was one major crime after this incident. Then we learned more about these four victims the family of Kenyatta and   Travon Bullard. They tell the two brothers were out with Roy AI celebrating smith's birthday. When the celebration turned to become strategy police say the men were all riding together in this car on the town parkway.  Those people who are in another car that pulled up beside them started shooting at them.  Kenyatta Bullard who goes by the nickname ace was the only person in the car who survived the attack. No one is in custody. The shootings are being done by the spies of the areas.

The 26-year-old man killed was identified in the incident by his mother, Diane Archer. Stellar was known as Benji. Afamily friend says Kenyatta Bullard is an aspiring rap artist as his younger brother Trayvon goes by the name.   He had just graduated from rich view high school last week Kashan price graduated with him. One more thing he says learned about Trayvons death through social media I had one of my Instagram all over my feet it was crazy that Jacoby Gruber was a standout football player at university last year. His former high school coach only say has good things to say about him. They had no enemies. Everyone is shocked by this incident. He had very good behavior with all the children. This shooting was an ongoing dispute between two groups.

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