4 Great Tech Companies That Are Coming To Chicago

Chicago is known to be competitive especially when it comes to business.

This summer, several startups have announced that they will be coming to Chicago and open shop. Each summer, there is a lot of business in Chicago with millions of tourists who come to the city. It is therefore a wise option for any company to move to where the money is. Here are some startups that have announced they will be moving to Chicago. You should watch out for them and seek their services.


Rinse as it name goes is a company that is based in San Francisco and majors in dry cleaning businesses. After it closed a $14 million Series B round, Rinse announced that it would be opening business in Chicago. Rinse allows its users to schedule there laundry for pickup and dropping with their app. Apart from cleaning clothes, the company rinses and fixes anything broken including buttons in addition to sewing any torn parts. It has become particularly popular with millenials and the working class who are too busy to go to dry cleaning stores. Rinse announced that it will have opened its operations by early August.



After it got sizeable funding, like Rinse, Clutter a Los Angeles startup announced that it would be opening up its doors in Chicago. Clutter offers storage solutions to people living in urban areas. It caters for people who are moving and its assurance policy is one of the reasons that has made it quite popular. Before assisting you to move, they photograph all your items and you are assured that no item will be lost while on transit. There digital record and friendly approach to business has made them stand out. The business has performed well in urban areas in California and now urbanites can look forward to the same in Chicago. In addition, Clutter deliver what you would want at the right time. For example if you want your gold clubs in the weekend, you can just contact them and let them know and they will deliver on time.




Servy recently launched their operations in Chicago. Servy an app that originally started in New York in 2015 and its approach to restaurant shopping is crowd sourced. If you are a user, you pick a restaurant and once you eat, you are given a questionnaire to fill. Once you fill the questionnaire, you are paid between $3 and $30. Restaurants pay Servy and can create questionnaires and follow up on the performance of their own staff while also looking for ways to improve their services


Common has officially opened up its services in Chicago. A real estate startup, the company runs “co-living” apartments. In Chicago, Common apartments are located in Ukranian Village. They come fully equipped and furnished with Wi-Fi and onsite laundry. Rent charges from Common include $1,125 to $1,675 for private rooms. To be a tenant, one must submit an application and then pass an interview. 

If you didn’t know, now you know. Try out these new services in Chicago and increase your efficiency.

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