Chicago Records 400 Homicides

In 2013, Chicago recorded 400 homicides after Thanksgiving Day. However, come this year, Chicago has already passed that mark before Thanks Giving Day. 

It seems that the crime rate in Chicago this year will go over the roof. According to the Chicago Tribune, gun violence in Chicago has reached highs that have previously not been seen in 20 years. This year, much less people have been shot to death. Majority have died due to the gunshot wounds. 

Shootings in Chicago this year are 1.3 percent that those of 2016. In recent years, the shootings had started declining but they have started going up in the last year. 

15.5 percent of the people who were shot in Chicago in 2013 died. In 2014 and 2015, these number dropped by 14 percent but it started going up in 2016 by 15.2 percent. 16.5 percent of the people who have been shot this year died. 

This time, homicides reached 400 2 days earlier than in 2016.

Summer is halfway but Chicago is en route to reporting over 700 homicides in a second consecutive year. This number had not been reported in the last two decades and it is a trend that is worrying analysts and law enforcement officials alike. 

As of now, it still isn’t clear what has spiked the number of homicides in Chicago but some of the reasons that have been brought forth include proliferation of guns in the city, drug trade and increase of violent crimes. 

According to the Chicago Police, 90 percent of the homicide victims in Chicago are brought down by gunfire. In comparison, in New York City, only 49 percent homicide victims are brought down by fire. 

Chicago is far much less populous than both Los Angeles and New York but it has 50 more homicides than those of the two cities combined. In the beginning of the year, Chicago Police officials in a press conference showed the link between drug trade and violence in Chicago and revealed the locations which majority of the shootings and drug overdoses reported occurred. In the map, majority of the overdoses and shootings occurred on the West Side which is near Eisenhower Expressway common referred to as the “Heroin Highway”. This is because its easy access makes it a hub for drug trafficking.

Gang battles in West Side are a common place alongside police sirens and ambulances.  Several community initiatives have been introduced with the aim of helping the area reduce violence. As of now, West Side is one of the most dangerous if not the most dangerous place in the United States. Chicago violence has even gotten the attention of President Donald Trump and he has sent feds to try and combat the gun violence.

20 additional agents from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were sent to Chicago. Donald Trump on his Twitter page posted: “Crime and killings in Chicago have reached such epidemic proportions that I am sending in Federal help. 1714 shootings in Chicago this year!” 

As of now, many Chicagoans hope that the officials will rid the city off violence since its affecting many things including businesses.

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