Chicago By The Sumer

During summer, New Yorkers head to the Jersey Shore or the Hamptons. Bostonians either head to Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard. How about Chicagoans? Chicagoans stay put.

Winter in Chicago is really bad. However, when the sun comes out during summer, you see people starting to wear shorts and t-shirts. There is a lot of positive energy and people seem excited for the new season.

There are many travelers who come to the Midwestern metropolis and join locals in the many activities that go on in the city. You can find them at rooftop bars, outdoor patios, beaches, river cruises and parks. 

Chicagoans are known to be a welcoming lot and gladly welcome visitors in the summer. The exhibits, festivals, performances and special events that go down make Chicago special compared to many other cities. It is a place that makes the visitors forget about work and go into relaxation mode.

Cruise down by the river

Summer is the best time to take a ride down Chicago River. It is one of the best ways to get a glimpse of the magnificent Chicago skyline. Hop into the twilight cruise and get a ninety minute tour around the Chicago River. You can get to see over 50 skyscrapers and buildings that have been built in less than 100 years. Between 1934 to 1955, Chicago made more skyscrapers that any other city in the world. Today, the most famous buildings in Chicago are the Tribune Tower, the Wrigley Building and the Hancock Center. A cruise down the river is like going to a world class theme park for free. 

In the Sky

Go up to the 21st floor of Conrad Chicago and head to Noyane, a rooftop lounge which provides a breathtaking view of the city. The rooftop bar allows you to soak in the lake views and the downtown skyline. 

There are several hotels too where you can get to sample amazing meals including Baptiste & Bottle which is only one floor below Noyane and Cindy’s located at the Chicago Athletic Association hotel. It provides panoramic views of the Art Institute of Chicago, Millennium Park and Lake Michigan.

The LondonHouse is a Roman-style rooftop bar which is a popular place for private dinners and wedding proposals. In addition, there is a rooftop bar at the Virgin Chicago and a nightclub. The Woman in Red dressed in a Virgin Atlantic Airways color scheme is there to welcome visitors and greet customers.

The Outdoors

There are 26 beach spots in Chicago. They are the most popular spots in the summer. The lakefront is spectacular and scenic and it sets the tone for everything. Oak Street Beach that is off Magnificent Mile is always packed and you can see people play frisbee and volleyball. At the Oak Street Beachstro, you can see men in swim trunks and women in bikinis eating fries as they enjoy the view.

There is a beach for everyone in Chicago. If you have your pet dog, head to the Montrose Dog Beach.  Navy Pier is also another popular recreational area.

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